located 50 km from Varna airport and 110 km from Burgas



At any time of the year, Tuzla offers excellent opportunities for treatment and relaxation. In addition to the sea, these are mud and mineral waters, as well as the cultural and historical sights of Varna and Balchik.

Indications for treatment


 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems, impaired metabolism and diseases of the reproductive system, recovery from stroke, treatment of cerebral palsy.

Healing factors

Geothermal mineral springs, the sea, Varna estuary mud and meadows, quantum therapy, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy; special rehabilitation programs.

Sanatorium "Tuzla"

Located on the seashore near the estuary lake. This is a popular mud health resort, which is in the greatest demand.

Hotel «Byala Laguna»

A virgin nature, mineral water pools, a huge park, panoramic restaurants, surround the resort complex. It is all-inclusive service. 

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